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South Tyrone Empowerment Programme
The Junction
12 Beechvalley Way
Dungannon, Co Tyrone
BT70 1BS

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Email: info@stepni.org

Welcome to the South Tyrone Empowerment Programme

Community Development
Community Development principles underline all STEP activities. This is ensured by retaining a dedicated community development team, responding to ever-changing community needs and dynamics and working with those most likely to be left out ... more info

Footprint Training Services
Our training department have continued to champion its values of self-help and independent learning, enabling individuals to make their mark by empowering themselves through training and learning.... more info

Migrant Project
S.T.E.P. Migrant Workers' Support Project has been operating since 2001 when employees and other individuals volunteered advice and guidance for Migrant Workers coming to the Dungannon area.... more info

Interpreting/Translation Services
With currently 250 interpreters available across the region, our interpreting service covers 30 languages. Languages range from Russian to Tetum, Lithuanian to Polish.... more info                                                                                            



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